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IBPS PO 20 October General Awareness Questions Asked in Both Morning shift and Evening Shift


Dear Readers, Here Sharing General Awareness Questions which asked in IBPS PO CWE-III Online exam Held on 20-10-2013 (20 October 2013 ) Morning Shift and Evening Shift  .

Morning shift Shared BY D Saritha ,

Morning Session General Awareness :

1. G-20 summit 2013 was held  ?

2. CEO of Women Bank?

3. developed rupee symbol ?

4. Swarna Jayanti Shahari Rozgar Yojana About One Question

5. Information technology Act in which year ?

6. Advised Limit of draft granted by cheque ?

7.  IFSC Code where is need to insert in Banking

8. GDP during 2012-13 ?

9. NEFT is used for

10. Full form of DHCP

11. Full form of EASIEST

12. Name the Indian Origin who won the Miss America title 2013 recently?- Nina Davuluri

13. director of the film Satyagraha ?

14. Wheat ,bajra comes under rabi or kharif crop ?

15. Rajiv Gandhi Equity Savings Scheme income limit hiked?- 12 lakh

16.  Name,the joint venture of Tata Sons-Singapore Airlines?- Tata SIA Airlines

17. Balance Sheet indicates  ?

18. Newly Appointed  Director General of CPRF – Dilip Trivedi

19. Micro finance Maximum investment Limit ?

20.  Full Form of TLE ?

21. At a time what is maximum limit of Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account (BSBDA) ?- Rs 50, 000

22. new version of banking license software launched by Infosys recently?- Finacle11

23. Award given to Finance Minister P Chidambaram by ET Awards?- Business Reformer Award

24. ONGC opened new gas based power plant recently ?

25.     (More Questions Updates Comes Soon Here )


Evening Session General Awareness  :

Shared by (B.U Vasu from Hyderabad)

1. International Women’s Day?

2.  Full form of GAAR?- General Anti Avoidance Rule

4. Name the new Prime Minister of Zimbabwe?- Robert Mugabe

5. In Which stock exchange MIBOR is operating (BSE, NSE, etc)?

6. Define Trade Deficit? - Import Exceeds Export

7. Full form of REER?- Real Effective Exchange Rate

8. WTO Head Quarters?- Geneva

9. Capital of Lebanon? – Beirut

10. Ronjan Sodhi is related to which sport? – Shooting

11. Bringing out illegal money to visible?- Money Laundering

12. ATM without any bank's specified label? - White label ATM

13. CEO of Apple Company? - Tim Cook

14. "Grey Revolution" is associated with?

15. Richest person in India according to Forbes?- Mukesh Ambani

All Questions Are Try to Updated here soon

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