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Saturday, 20 May 2017

IBPS PO 2017 Reasoning Ability practice set 17

    1 . Statement:The constable has been recommended for a suitable reward by his superior in recognition of his sincere duty and busting of several gangs of criminals activity involved in the lot and incidents of pick-pocketing.
    Which of the following can be an assumption implicit in the above statement?

    A.   The superior is certain that the recommendation would be denied.
    B.   The number of criminals apprehended by this particular constable was exceptionally high
    C.   The constable desires to be monetarily compensated for his efforts
    D.   Rewards recognizing the sincerity and accomplishments of policemen are given
    2 . Statement:The college has finally received accreditation and has gained the status of a deemed university.
    Which of the following can be a possible effect of the above statement?

    A.   The principal of the college will now have to be a retired government official
    B.   The number of students seeking admission to this college in the next academic year would drop significantly
    C.   The college will charge lesser fees from all it’s students despite not getting a grant from the government.
    D.   The reputation of the college amongst the student population in general has improved.
    3 . Directions (Q.3-4) Read the following information carefully to answer the questions which follow.
    “Poor growth in corporate tax collection pulled down overall rise in gross direct tax mobilisation in the first half of the current year, ruling out any pickup in growth in the first half of the year, indicating that the government will find it difficult to meet its tax target for the year.”
    The questions are based on the information given above and sentences labelled as (A), (B), (C), (D),(E) and (F) given below:
    (A) Corporate tax collection rose only in the first quarter of the current year.
    (B) Industrial production slowed down in the first half of the year.
    (C) The government has achieved the target of corporate tax collection in comparison to previous year.
    (D) Poor tax collection in the corporate pulled down the economy.
    (E) The government is likely to face difficulties in achieving the target of collection of corporate tax due to slowdown in production.
    (F) The government has forecast a growth in corporate tax.

    Which of the statements numbered (A), (B), (C), (D), (E) and (F), if true, could weaken the statement?

    A.   Only A
    B.   Only C
    C.   Only A and C
    D.   Only C and F
    4 . Which of the statements numbered (A), (B), (C), (D), (E) and (F) can be concluded from the fact/information given in the statement?

    A.   Only B
    B.   Only B and E
    C.   Only F
    D.   Only D
    5 . Directions (Q. 5-7) Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow.

    There are two underlying themes of India Against Corruption’s new party: the induction of good people and “people’s power” through consummate decentralisation. The vision document sets out a quest for ‘Swaraj’ – people’s right to self determination. This ideal of self-determination has been conflated with direct democracy.

    These questions are based on the information given above and sentences labelled (A), (B), (C), (D), (E) and (F) as given below

    (A) The vision document states that people must be consulted directly on key national decisions.
    (B) No person who professes a commitment to democracy will argue against political decentralisation.
    (C) India Against Corruption’s new party’s aim to go beyond capturing an anti-incumbent sentiment to create a true political alternative, however, will require real vision.
    (D) There was disagreement between the government and India Against Corruption’s new party.
    (E) The purpose of a political party is to articulate a distinct vision for the future of the country.
    (F) Only registered party workers may vote as it also pose problem of manipulation by local leaders.

    Which of the statements (A), (B), (C), (D), (E) and (F) can be inferred from the facts/information given in the passage?

    A.   Only B
    B.   Only B and E
    C.   Only C and D
    D.   None of these
    6 . Which of the statements (A), (B), (C), (D), (E) and (F) has been assumed in the given statement?

    A.   Only B
    B.   Only C
    C.   Only E and D
    D.   None of these
    7 . Which of the statements numbered (A), (B), (C), (D), (E) and (F), if true, could strengthen the statement?

    A.   Only C
    B.   Only B and D
    C.   Only E
    D.   None of these
    8 . Directions (Q. 8-10): Read the following information carefully and answer the given questions :
    Six friends viz Manoj, Navin, Paresh, Tarun, Sahil and Raghu are practicing different professions – Lawyer, Doctor, Engineer, CA, Professor and Pilot, but not necessarily in the same order. They belong to different states, viz Delhi, Haryana, U.P, Bihar, Kolkata and Assam. Sahil does not practicing CA and Engineering. Manoj is a Lawyer. Navin is from Assam. Raghu, who is not from Delhi and Haryana, is a Pilot. Tarun is not an Engineer. The person who practicing Engineering is from Kolkata. The person who is from U.P is a Professor. Paresh and Sahil are not Doctors. Tarun and Paresh are not from Haryana.

    Who practicing CA ?

    A.   Navin
    B.   Tarun
    C.   Raghu
    D.   Data Inadequate
    9 . Which state does Manoj belongs to ?

    A.   Bihar
    B.   U. P
    C.   Kolkata
    D.   Haryana
    10 . The person whose profession is Pilot, belongs to which state ?

    A.   U. P
    B.   Bihar
    C.   Delhi
    D.   None of these
      Answers & Solutions
      1 .    
      Answer : Option D
      Explanation :
      2 .    
      Answer : Option D
      Explanation :
      3 .    
      Answer : Option D
      Explanation :
      The author talks about poor growth in corporate tax collection and brings a gloomy picture. While statements C and F portray a positive aspect. Thus, if they (C and F) are true, they could weaken the statement
      4 .    
      Answer : Option B
      Explanation :
      5 .    
      Answer : Option D
      Explanation :
      6 .    
      Answer : Option D
      Explanation :
      7 .    
      Answer : Option D
      Explanation :
      8 .    
      Answer : Option D
      Explanation :
      9 .    
      Answer : Option D
      Explanation :
      10 .    
      Answer : Option B
      Explanation :

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