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Monday, 20 June 2016

General Awareness Quiz 15 for SBI & IBPS exams

General Awareness Quiz 15 for SBI & IBPS exams

1 . ICICI was set up as a joint stock company in
A.    1955
B.    1960
C.    1965
D.    1970
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2 . The public-cum right issue of Capital by ICICI was in
A.    1991
B.    1993
C.    1996
D.    2000
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3 . Recently which financial institutions has granted assistance for technology upgradation and modernisation of balancing equipment out of World Bank's lines of credit
A.    Allahabad Bank
B.    ICICI Bank
C.    Central Bank
D.    Bank of India
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4 . The Industrial Reconstruction Corporation of India Ltd. was set up in
A.    1980
B.    1983
C.    1985
D.    1989
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5 . The Industrial Reconstruction Corporation of India was renamed as the Industrial Reconstruction Bank of India by an Act of Parliament with effect from March 20,
A.    1971
B.    1979
C.    1976
D.    1980
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6 . The Industrial Reconstruction Bank of India itself was renamed as Industrial Investment Bank of India in March
A.    1990
B.    1997
C.    1999
D.    2000
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7 . The Tamil Nadu Industrial Investment Corporationwas set up as a joint stock company in
A.    1949
B.    1952
C.    1964
D.    1969
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8 . All the State Financial Corporations except the Tamil Nadu Industrial Investment Corporation, have been set upunder the State Financial Corporation Act of
A.    1949
B.    1951
C.    1956
D.    1960
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9 . Which of the following is not the function of Industrial Investment Bank of India?
A.    to act as an agent of Central and State Governments, Reserve Bank, State Bank, Scheduled Commercial and State Co-operative Banks, Public FinancialInstitutions, SFCs etc.
B.    to underwrite stocks, shares, bonds and debentures
C.    to underwrite loans deferred payments and performance obligations of any contracts undertaken by industrial concerns
D.    to grant loans and advances to industrial concerns.
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10 . The maximum amount that can be sanctioned to an industrial concern of SFC is
A.    Rs. 50 lakhs
B.    Rs. 60 lakhs
C.    Rs. 75 lakhs
D.    Rs. 1 crore
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