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Sunday, 19 June 2016

General Awareness Quiz 14 for SBI & IBPS exams

Find General Awareness Quiz 14 for SBI & IBPS  clerk PO Main exams

1 . Industrial Development Bank of India was set up in
A.   1952
B.   1956
C.   1964
D.   1970
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2 . IDBI was delinked from the Reserve Bank of India on
A.   16th February 1976
B.   15th March 1978
C.   31st March 1980
D.   1st April 1984
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3 . When did IDBI introduced equipment Finance Scheme, wherein foreign currency loans are made available to industrial concerns for import of capital goods and equipment not related to any specific project ?
A.   1970
B.   1978
C.   1984
D.   1989
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4 . Industrial Development Bank of India subscribes share and bonds of
A.   SFCs
B.   SIDCs
C.   National Small Industries Corporation Ltd.
D.   All of the above
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5 . The IDBI was wholly owned by the Government of India till
A.   1990-91
B.   19995-96
C.   2000-01
D.   2003-04
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6 . The Industrial Development Bank of India raises the bulk of its funds from
A.   Market borrowings by way of bonds
B.   The borrowings out of National Industrial Credit Funds of the Reserve Banks
C.   Foreign currencies by way of loans and private placement of its bonds in foreign capital markets
D.   All of the above
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7 . Which of the following institutions is co-sponsored by IDBI ?
A.   National Stock Exchange of India
B.   Over the counter exchange of India
C.   Discount and finance house of India ltd.
D.   All of the above
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8 . The Industrial Finance Corporation of India was the first development bank established in India in the year
A.   1948
B.   1952
C.   1965
D.   1974
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9 . When did the Industrial Finance Corporation of India (IFCI) was converted into a joint stock company to enable it to function with more flexibility ?
A.   1985
B.   1993
C.   1990
D.   1989
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10 . Under Project Finance IFCI are provided assistance in different ways. Which of the following is not one of them ?
A.   Underwriting of equity, preference and debenture issue
B.   Guaranteeing the deferred payments in respect of machinery imported from abroad or purchased in India
C.   Underwriting of loans raised in foreign currency from foreign financial institution
D.   Subscribing to equity preference and debenture issues
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