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IBPS clerk exam preparation Guide and Reference books (best books)

A special focus On Ibps Exam Preparing tips for IBPS clerk exam 2014-15 (Online exam).Here Providing Section wise with Topics Complete Analysis .This Article shows Complete Guidance for IBPS clerk 2014 exam preparation.
A total of five sections, it is important in every Section in Common written exam. Because of competition, on the basis of marks would be cut off for each section. Depending on the difficulty level of the questions asked to hand in their respective sections. For example, taking into account the candidate's basic knowledge English testing Tenth grade, Intermediate level. In order to follow the strategies in this generally
English Language: This section Comprehension for good marks, Common Errors, jumbled Words, filling the blanks, phrases - Meanings, antonyms, Synonyms from the opportunity to ask questions. Candidates for the following topics: Basic Grammar, Tenses, parts of speech, active - passive voice, direct, indirect Speech, prepositions, articles, subject - verb relationship, etc. Spotting the Errors attain. This is a special time for the Spend on English. Fast reading, that features such as error detection skills.
Quantitative Aptitude: The questions in this section are Calculations instruments. These items at the time of preparation of this background Practice. Engaged in the preparation of a specific problem that can be achieved progressively faster. Excelled in the field of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, tables, roots, solid cubes and percentage’s calculating level of understanding of the oral solution should be intuitive. In addition to the distance - time, profit - loss, ratios, etc. The most important elements of success in this sector.
Reasoning: reasoning, analysis, and keen observation skills, critical view of the properties required in Section reasoning. In this vein, Blood Relations, Numbers, directions, analogy, classification, series, coding, de-coding, Ranking, seating arrangement set up on the understanding.
General Awareness: This section of the latest developments in the banking industry Special candidates, Basic Vocabularies - should have an understanding of their meaning. Because.. General Awareness with Special Reference to Banking industry specified that. The policies of the Banks latest, latest RBI credit policy, banking sector in the country, progressive, degenerative Statistics - understanding and form factors. Similarly, with regard to the general Knowledge important events, places, sports - Winners, Awards - the winners in order to store information.
Computer Knowledge: Knowledge from this computer to the difficulty level of the questions is a slightly increased risk. Because .. Literacy necessary to computer tests the Eligibility. Making them more in-depth knowledge of the computer may be tested FAQ Education .Primarily computers - Generations, Operating Systems (MS Word), languages ​​(C, C + +, Java, etc.), knowledge of the form factors, such as database management.
IBPS Clerk Exam 2014 Best Books and Reference books:
There is Lot Of IBPS Bannered Material will attract you in Market. be careful on choosing study material for clerk exam standard. here some Best Book analyzed in various web portals ,forums and referring previously Successful Candidates. Before Taking step  purchasing Study material ask us Seniors. Experience always make it.
Here Some Suggested Books:

Objective arithmetic - S. L. Gulati
Numerical Aptitude for Banking - Dilhan Publications
Data Interpretation and sufficiency - Kiran Publications
Non Verbal Reasoning - Prabhat Javed
Analytical Reasoning – A.k Pandey
Verbal Reasoning - R. S.. Agarwal
English for competitive exams - Harimohan Prasad
English for competitive exams – A.k Kapoor
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