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SBI Specialist Officer exam pattern & Structure

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SBI Recently Released Recruitment Notification On Specialist Officer OF  Deputy Manager (Law) and Assistant Manager (System)  and  Online Application link Activated . Now time to Know The Exam Pattern or Exam structure for  Deputy Manager (Law) and Assistant Manager (System) 

Deputy Manager (Law) and Assistant Manager (System): The selection of candidates will be on the basis of online written test and interview. The test will be conducted tentatively on 17.01.2016

Test will be held on-line. Wherever there will be no test, short-listing and interviews will be held.Where number of applications is less, Bank reserves the right to consider selection of the candidate(s) through short listing and interview, instead of test & interview.

a) Except Professional Knowledge (PK) paper, other papers will be of qualifying in nature. Candidates have to score minimum qualifying marks in these papers. The minimum qualifying marks will be decided by the Bank. The questions will be bilingual i.e. in Hindi & English. The candidates will have option to answer the questions in Hindi or English (except for test of English Language).

b) To be eligible for being short-listed for interview, candidates have to score equal to or above the cut-off marks to be decided by the Bank for the PK test, besides scoring equal to or above the Minimum qualifying marks in other tests.

c) Candidates must secure equal to or more than the minimum qualifying marks (to be decided by the Bank) in interview to be considered for selection. In the interview, the candidate can opt for Hindi also.

d) In case more than one candidate score the cut off marks (common mark at cut off point), such candidates will be ranked according to their age in descending order, both in the select list as well as in the wait list. Interview : Adequate number of candidates as decided by the Bank will be called for Interview. The qualifying marks in Interview will be as decided by the Bank. Merit List : for sel

SBI Specialist Officer exam pattern & Structure

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RBI Grade – B Phase-II Call Letter Link

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Dear Aspirants, RBI (Reserve Bank Of India ) Released Call letter/ Admit card for Admission Letters & other information for the Phase-II Examination for the post of Officers in Grade - B (General) – DR - Batch Year – 2015

Visit Official Website :

rbi call letter

for More Links Check Below

Admission Letters – Phase - II (Morning and Afternoon shifts)

Information Handout – Phase - II

Instruction for PWD candidates using scribe

Joint Undertaking/Declaration Form for PWD candidates using scribe


Friday, 27 November 2015

One-Word Substitution practice set 1 : English Prepare

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1. Habitually silent or talking little
(a) Serville
(b) Unequivocal
(c) Taciturn
(d) Synoptic
(e) Vacuous


2. A religious discourse
(a) Preach
(b) Stanza
(c) Sanctorum
(d) Sermon
(e) Myth


3. A place that provides refuge
(a) Asylum
(b) Sanatorium
(c) Shelter
(d) Orphanage
(e) Dormitory


4. Detailed plan of a journey
(a) Travelogue
(b) Travelkit
(c) schedule
(d) Itinerary


5. A person who insists on something
(a) Disciplinarian
(b) Sticker
(c) Instantaneous
(d) Boaster


6. A large dark grey cloud that brings rain or snow
(a) Nimbus
(b) Blizzard
(c) Hail
(d) Fog


7. A large pillar made from one stone
(a) Monolith
(b) Monument
(c) Statue
(d) Bulwark


8. A situation that exists at a particular time without any changes being made to it
(a) laissez-faire
(b) Stagnation
(c) Corrigendum
(d) Status quo


9. Official misconduct
(a) Maleficence
(b) Malfeasance
(c) Maltreatment
(d) Maladministration


10. One who bas a compulsive desire to steal
(a) Pilferer
(b) Poacher
(c) Plagiarist
(d) Kleptomaniac


11. A person who renounces the world and practises self-discipline in order to attain salvation
(a) Antiquarian
(b) Ascetic
(c) Sceptic
(d) Devotee


12. A person who does not believe in the existence of God
(a) Theist
(b) Heretic
(c) Atheist
(d) Fanatic


13. A government by the nobles
(a) Aristocracy
(b) Democracy
(c) Autocracy
(d) Bureaucracy


14. Teetotaller means
(a) One who abstains from theft
(b) One who abstains from meat
(c) One who abstains from taking wine
(d) One who abstains from taking malice.


15. The part of a government which is concerned with making of rules
(a) Court
(b) Tribunal
(c) Bar
(d) Legislature


16. Policemen riding on motorcycles as guards to a VIP
(a) Outriders
(b) Servants
(c) Commandos
(d) Attendants


17. To steal secretly in small quantities
(a) Robbery
(b) Pilferage
(c) Theft
(d) Defalcation


18. A person who tries to deceive people by claiming to be able to do wonderful things
(a) Trickster
(b) Impostor
(c) Magician
(d) Montebank


19. One who does not marry, especially as a religious obligation
(a) Bachelor
(b) Celibate
(c) Virgin
(d) Recluse


20. A place for sick people who need long periods of treatment or rest
(a) Clinic
(b) Hospital
(c) Sanatorium
(d) Asylum


21. Belonging to the same country and having same interests and feelings
(a) Patriot
(b) Comrade
(c) Compatriot
(d) Native


22. A person who eats too much
(a) Glutton
(b) Reveller
(c) Sensualist
(d) Omnivore


23. An imaginary name assumed by an author for disguise
(a) Pseudonym
(b) Pen-name
(c) Nickname
(d) Homonym


24. Likely to break apart easily
(a) Breakable
(b) Thin
(c) Brittle
(d) Harsh


25. Government by the nobels
(a) Aristocracy
(b) Theocracy
(c) Autocracy
(d) Mobocracy


26. Government by one person
(a) Dictatorship
(b) Monarchy
(c) Democracy
(d) Oligrachy


27. The life story of a man written by himself
(a) Life story
(b) Philosophy
(c) Autobiography
(d) Biography


28. A general pardon granted by the Government to political offenders
(a) Pardon
(b) Excuse
(c) Honesty
(d) Amnesty


29. A person living in a foreign country
(a) Native
(b) Foreigner
(c) Abroad
(d) Remote


30. A person who is out to destroy the Government
(a) Anarchist
(b) Destroyer
(c) Atheist
(d) Theist

Answers :

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30

SBI Specialist Officer 2015 Online Application activated

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Dear  Readers , two days Back SBI Released recruitment notification (Advertisement No. CRPD/SCO/2015-16/7) on 180 Specialist Officer job . and Today SBI Activated Online Application link to Apply .

Read here Notification Details

Important dates :

Commencement of on-line registration of application :26/11/2015

Closure of registration of application :12/12/2015

Closure for editing application details :12/12/2015

Last date for printing your application : 27/12/2015

Online Fee Payment : 26/11/2015 to 12/12/2015


Apply Here Online


Reference Documents


For More Details Visit :


All The Best :)

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SBI Upcoming Notifications (Clerk, PO ) Press


Thursday, 26 November 2015

IDIOMS & PHRASES Practice Set 2

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1. The orator had been left the auditorium before the audience stood up.
(a) had been leaving
(b) was left
(c) had left
(d) would leave
(e) No correction required


2. It was unanimously resolved that the parties should unitedly undertook lunching of popular programmes.
(a) should be united undertook
(b) should be unitedly undertaken
(c) should be unitedly undertake
(d) should unitedly undertake
(e) No correction required


3. One of my drawbacks is that I do not have to tolerance of ambiguity.
(a) do not have
(b) cannot have to
(c) am not
(d) did not have to
(e) No correction required


4. They should have calmly thought of the advantages that would accrue to them.
(a) should have been clam in thinking about
(b) should be calmly thought of
(c) shall have to calmly thought of
(d) should have calmly think of
(e) No correction required


5. Their earnings are such that they find it difficult to make both ends to meet.
(a) to making both the ends meet
(b) to make both ends for meeting
(c) to make both ends meet
(d) for making both the ends meet
(e) No correction required


6. We should realize that the chance of an accident may be as great or greater in our homes than in a train or on the road.
(a) may be at least as great in our home as
(b) was at least as great as in our homes
(c) can be as great or greater in our homes than
(d) may be at least as great or greater in our homes than
(e) No correction required


7. In 1996, India exported twice as much of its
national output of sugar as that had in 1986.
(a) than it had
(b) than it did
(c) as that had
(d) as it did
(e) No correction required


8. The more we look at these carvings, the more we perceive life hidden within them.
(a) the life we perceive more hidden
(b) we perceive life more hidden
(c) more than life we perceive hidden
(d) we perceive life more than hidden
(e) No correction required


9. Primitive man believing that a crime created an imbalance which could be rectified only by punishing the wrongdoer.
(a) believes that a crime created
(b) believed that a crime created
(c) believed that a criminal created
(d) believed that a crime creates
(e) No correction required


10. Everything depend upon them coming on time
(a) depends upon them coming
(b) depend upon them come
(c) depends upon their coming
(d) depending upon their coming
(e) No correction required


11. Calamities and indigence in the past was afflicting more than at present.
(a) were afflicting more
(b) were affllected more
(c) were more afflect
(d) was afflict more
(e) No correction required


12. Most of the boys and girls like to see these kind of movies.
(a) this kind of movies
(b) this kinds of movies
(c) these kind of movie
(d) this kind of movie
(e) No correction required


13. Because of scientific progress, we expect to live better than our parents have.
(a) should expect to live better than our parents
(b) expect to live as good as our parents lived
(c) expect to live better than our parents did
(d) expected to live better than our parents
(e) No correction required


14. By failing to keep his promise, the candidate will earn the distrust of all the voters.
(a) Because the candidate failed
(b) If the candidate has failed
(c) Since the candidate failed
(d) If the candidate fails
(e) No correction required


15. It is as difficult to prevent assaults against environment as those that are against animals.
(a) those against
(b) it is against
(c) preventing those against
(d) it is to prevent those against
(e) No correction required


16. He never has and ever will take such strong measures.
(a) had taken nor will ever take
(b) had taken and will ever take
(c) has and never will take
(d) had and ever will take
(e) No correction required


17. Tax evadress should heavily fined as they do it intentionally.
(a) should be heavy fined
(b) should have heavily fined
(c) shall have heavy fine
(d) should be heavily fined
(e) No correction required


18. They examined both the samples very carefully but failed to detect any difference in them
(a) some different in
(b) some difference between
(c) any difference between
(d) any difference among
(e) No correction required


19. The population of Tokyo is greater than of any other town in the world.
(a) greatest among any other
(b) greater than all other
(c) greater than those of any other
(d) greater than any other
(e) No correction required


20. He admired the speed with which he completed the work and appreciating the method adopted by him.
(a) appreciate the method being adopted
(b) appreciated the method adopted
(c) appreciate the method of adoption
(d) appreciated the adopting method
(e) No correction required


Answers :

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

Current Affairs Quiz: November 7th 2015

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1. India and ..................... has signed MoU to conserve and publicize written heritage.

a) Germany

b) Russia


d) UK


2. Irish-born actress passed away recently. Name her.

a) Jaureen O’Hara

b) Naureen O’Hara

c) Laureen O’Hara

d) Maureen O’Hara


3. Renowned marine biologist and the founder of Polar Biology in India died recently. Name him.

a) Syed Zahoor Siddiqui

b) Syed Zahoor Khan

c) Syed Zahoor Qasim

d) Syed Zahoor Makhdoom


4. Russia and..............have signed deal to avoid clashes between their air forces over Syrian skies.

a) UK

b) US

c) France

d) Turkey


5. Noted criminologist............................has won Paul H Appleby award by Indian Institute of Public Administration.

a) J Chockalingam

b) K Chockalingam

c) L Chockalingam

d) M Chockalingam


6. The book "Dreaming Big: My Journey to Connect India" is an autobiography of whom?

a) Pranab Mukherjee

b) P Chidambaram

c) Sam Pitroda

d) Arun Jaitley


7. Which among the following company has appointed Anup Vikal as CFO?

a) Snapdeal

b) Flipkart

c) Amazon

d) Jabong


8. Global Iodine Deficiency Disorders Prevention Day was observed on ........ October.

a) 21

b) 22

c) 23

d) 24


9. Union Cabinet has approved agreement between India and..............on Maritime Transport.

a) Egypt

b) Malaysia

c) Greece

d) Netherland


10. Who among the following has been named brand ambassador of Champions Tennis League team Raipur Rangers ?

a) Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar

b) Rahul Dravid

c) Anil Kumble

d) Saurav Ganguly























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IBPS specialist Officer Recruitment 2015


Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Syndicate Bank Specialist officers Recruitment 2015

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Friends, Syndicate Bank Specialist officers Recruitment Notification released for 2015-16 year, this Notification No required IBPS CWE . All Eligible Candidates ca Apply from 25th November 2015 and Last date is 10th December 2015. for More details Check Below on educational Qualification , Age limit, post name and Vacancy details .

Post/Vacancy Details :

Assistant General manager (SMGS-V) –Economics : 01

Assistant General Manager (SMGS-V)-Statistician : 01

Assistant General Manager (SMGS-V)-Company Secretary: 01

Manager (MMGS-II)-Law : 20

Manager (MMGS-II)-CA : 51

Manager (MMGS-II)-Security : 15

Technical Officer (JMGS-I)-Civil : 22

Technical officer (JMGS-I)-Electrical : 04

Dy.General Manager (Law) : 01

Syndicate Bank

Read Here Complete Notification file

Apply Online Here