Thursday, 24 July 2014


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SBI (State bank Of India) Has Released Recruitment Notification for SPECIAL MANAGEMENT EXECUTIVES (BANKING)  . ADVERTISEMENT NO. CRPD/SCO/2014-15/05. Eligible candidates have to apply Online between 24 July 2014 to 11 August 2014. for more details and This Notification please check out below


Dates to remember :

PAYMENT OF FEE ON LINE 24-07-2014 TO 11-08-2014
OFF LINE 26-07-2014 TO 13-08-2014


Vacancy & Educational Qualification details



Selection procedure :



Fore More Details : visit :

Read Notification file Here

Apply Online here


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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

RBI Grade-B Officer Admit card for Online Exam

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RBI (Reserve Bank Of India ) Released Call Letter Download Facility for Grade-B Officer Scale Phase –I Online Test . Exam Tentatively Fixed on 3rd August 2014

Download Here Call Letter Link

Information Handout Download here PDF

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Best Books for IBPS PO exam

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IBPS PO Notification released and Online registration will starts from 22 July 2014. Aspirants are Started preparation Already .Now someone looking for Books and Best Material for Preparation. candidates have to note IBPS PO pattern/syllabus made some changes compare with previous year. IBPS PO 4 no descriptive exam . more details on pattern check this post which is previously written about pattern /Syllabus. Best books is plays vital role in preparation . there is lot banners are attracting in book market. so choose best one only. don’t buy cheap materials which is avail be in market. first step for crack is material choosing. after Hard works pays next step.  After Analyzed recent banking history and cracked Aspirants Voice which material they prefer ? yes we are providing some books Authors list . and also Analyze yourself and Contact Seniors suggestions on preparation .. check the list below
IBPS PO revised Educational and Age limit Notification
A. Reasoning : A Modern Approach To Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning Revised Edition : Author: R. S. Aggarwal ,Publisher: S.Chand Publishing
B. English Language : (Any one ) Authors :
1 wren and Martin
2. A.k Kapoor
3. hari Mohan Prasad
C. Quantitative Aptitude :
1. Quantitative Aptitude For Competitive Examinations 17th Edition,
Author: R. S. Aggarwal Publisher: S. Chand Publishing
2. Quantitative Aptitude Test for Bank P.O ,
Author: N. K. Singh  Publisher: Upkar Prakashan
D. General Awareness :
1. Guide to Banking General Awareness and Banking Aptitude Test.
Author: RPH Editorial Board
Publisher: Ramesh Publishing House
2. Author : Manohar Pandey , Publisher : Arihant publications
3. Upkar publications
4. BSC Publications
E. Computer Knowledge :
Authors : Dr. Alok kumar or R.Pillai
Practice Set :  IBPS Bank PO 20 Practice Sets For Recruitment of Probationary Officers/Management Trainees in 19 Public Sector Banks.
Author : VS Srivastava  publisher : Arihant publications
All the best for your Success :)-

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

IBPS PO CWE-IV Online Apply Now (Online Registration )

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IBPS Has Activated link for IBPS PO CWE-IV  Online Apply (Online Registration ) today As per schedule . who are Waiting to Apply they can Apply it Now .

IBPS PO Online Apply


IBPS PO Online Apply Now 

Reference Documents

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SBI Clerk Computer Awareness Practice Test 5

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Read here Previous Post of Test 4 & 3 of Computer Awareness for SBI Clerk

1. A  certain  computer  hardware  component  does  not  process  the  data  itself  but  acts  as  a  central  nervous  system  for  other  data  manipulating components. What is it called? 

   (a) ALU      

   (b) RAM  

   (c) Control Unit  

   (d) Secondary storage  

   (e) None of these


2.The  accuracy  of  the  floating  point  numbers  represen-table  in  two  16  bit  words  of  a  computer is approximately 

   (a) 16 digits    

   (b) 6 digits  

   (c) 4 digits    

   (d) All of these  

   (e) None of these


3.  The  number  of  tracks  on  a  1/2  inch  wide magnetic tape is 

   (a) 1      

   (b) 9  

   (c) 18      

   (d) either bare  

   (e) None of these


4.  A  system  which  allows  interaction  between man and machine via some terminal device is 

   (a) batch mode    

   (b) interactive  

   (c) real time    

   (d) time sharing  

   (e) None of these


5.  All  calculations  are  performed  and  all comparisons are made in unit 

   (a) control unit

   (b) arithmetic-logic unit

   (c) central processing unit

   (d) primary storage unit

   (e) None of these


6. The  barcode  which  is  used  on  all  types  of  items,  is  read  by  a  scanning  device  directly  into  the  computer.   What  is  the  name of  this  scanning device? 

   (a) Laser Scanner  

   (b) Wand  

   (c) OCR      

   (d) MICR  

   (e) None of these


7.  Disk units that use unremovable platters are called 

   (a) unremovable disks

   (b) hard disks

   (c) sealed disks

   (d) high-density disks

   (e) None of these


8. The  terminal  device  often  used  in  checking  charge  cards  that  offers  both  a  limited  keyboard input and visual output is the 

   (a) intelligent terminal

   (b) POS terminal  

   (c) video display terminal

   (d) audio response unit

   (e) None of these


9.  A complete set of programs for one specific data processing application is called 

   (a) utility application

   (b) canned program

   (c) program package

   (d) both (b) and (c)

   (e) None of these


10. A trackball is manipulated by 

   (a) palm    

   (b) foot  

   (c) fingers    

   (d) sound

   (e) None of these


11. An error in software or hardware is called a  bug. What is the alternative computer jargon  for it? 

   (a) Leech    

   (b) Squid  

   (c) Slug      

   (d) Glitch  

   (e) None of these


12. A  computer controlled  device  for  training  exercises  that  duplicates  the  work  environment is a 

   (a) simulator    

   (b) duplicator  

   (c) trainer      

   (d) COM device  

   (e) None of these


13. The  person  who  writes  instruction  that  tell  the computer how to handle input information  is 

   (a) data entry operator

   (b) computer programmer

   (c) computer operator

   (d) keypunch operator

   (e) None of these


14. Which  of  the  following  require  large computer memory? 

   (a) Imaging    

   (b) Graphics  

   (c) Voice    

   (d) All of these  

   (e) None of these


15. A Group of integrated parts is called 

   (a) system    

   (b) swapping  

   (c) circuits    

   (d) system analysis

   (e) None of these


16. Who is credited with the idea of using punch  cards  to  control  patterns  in  a  weaving  machine? 

   (a) Pascal    

   (b) Hollerith

   (c) Babbage  

   (d) Jackquard  

   (e) None of these


17.  Which of the following is a group of related characters that are treated as a single unit? 

   (a) Array    

   (b) File  

   (c) Field      

   (d) Block  

   (e) None of these


18.  In analog computer 

   (a) Input is first converted to digital form

   (b) Input is never converted to digital form

   (c) output is displayed in digital form

   (d) All of these

   (e) None of these


19.  What  is  the  general  name  of  the  device which produces hard copy graphics? 

   (a) COM    

   (b) Plotter

   (c) Printer    

   (d) Microfilm  

   (e) None of these


20.  What  is  the  most  common  speed  in  rpm  at which the hard disks usually rotate? 

   (a) 2400      

   (b) 3600  

   (c) 4700      

   (d) 1600  

   (e) None of these


21. Which  one  of  the  following  is  termed  a combination input-output device? 

   (a) VDT      

   (b) Keyboard  

   (c) Printer    

   (d) Laser Jet  

   (e) None of these


22. Which  printer  is  very  commonly  used  for desk-top publishing? 

   (a) Laser printer    

   (b) Inkjet Printer

   (c) Daisywheel Printer

   (d) Dot-matrix Printer

   (e) None of these


23. A third and last component of CPU is 

   (a) ALU    

   (b) supervisory-control unit  

   (c) input device  

   (d) register unit  

   (e) None of these


24.What  is  the  name  of  the  screen  pointing  device  that  rolls  on  bearings  and  has  one  or  more buttons on its top? 

   (a) Track ball    

   (b) Mouse  

   (c) Light pen    

   (d) Joy-stick  

   (e) None of these


25. Please enter your question here..Modern computers are very reliable but they  are not 

   (a) fast      

   (b) powerful  

   (c) infallible    

   (d) cheap  

   (e) None of these